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Accredited A Grade by NAAC
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R.S Mundle Dharampeth Arts and Commerce College,Nagpur

Accredited A Grade by NAAC

State Govt.Recognized and Affiliated to RTM Nagpur University,Nagpur

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Two Days National Webinar "SMART Library strategies :A Practical paradigm for Librarians."

Event Date

Start Date 26 May 2020

End Date 27 May 2020


R.S Mundle Dharampeth Arts and commerce College in Collaboration with Kamla Nehru College,Nagpur and SGRG Shinde Mahavidyalaya,Paranda ,Osmanabad.


Two Days National Webinar  "SMART Library strategies :A Practical paradigm for Librarians." on 26 and 27 May 2020 organised by Learning Resource Centre of R.S Mundle Dharampeth Arts and commerce College in Collaboration with Kamla Nehru College,Nagpur and SGRG Shinde Mahavidyalaya,Paranda ,Osmanabad.

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Report of the Two days National Webinar

A two days National webinar was Jointly organized by R.S Mundle Dharampeth Arts and Commerce College; Kamla Nehru Mahavidyalaya and SGRG Shinde Mahavidyalaya,Paranda ,Osmanabad on 26 and 27 May 2020. The theme of the Webinar on  "SMART Library strategies :A Practical paradigm for Librarians."

The Webinar received an overwhelming response with nearly 500 registrations across the country including entries from Jammu and Kashmir.The highlight of the webinar was the participation of foreign delegates from Tanzania and Srilanka as well.

On the first day,Dr.Manju Dubey,Librarian,R.S Mundle Dharampeth arts and Commerce College,Nagpur welcome the delegates and participants and gave introduction about the webinar.Dr.Rajiv Ashtikar ,Principal of R.S Mundle Dharampeth Arts and Commerce College gave presidential address.

During this two days webinar,the first day of the webinar was graced by Dr.Suresh Jange,Director ,Knowledge Resource centre,Gulbarga University ,Karnataka as Key Note speaker.Dr.Jange highlighted the growing importance of technologies to be adapted in libraries like drones,chatbot,robots in the libraries.But at the same time he assures that even with the proper use of the technologies available in hand and especially open access resources libraries can succeed in becoming SMART in serving its users in a better way. Mrs.Suvarna Inamdar introduced the resource persons of the first day.

On the first Day of webinar, Mr.Prahlad Jadhav, Senior manager (Library),Khaitan and Co. was the resource person .In his session he talked on the topic    

“Comprehensive suite for Smart Librarians”.Mr.Pralhad Jadhav explained all the google tools which are readily accessible and if used effectively will transform the libraries into SMART Libraries. He told how these tools will enhance the capabilities of the libraries. Mr.Pralhad Jadhav focused more on the freely available and open access tools in hand which can be used in library image building.

Second resource person of the first day of the webinar was Dr. Bahusaheb Panage of Jayakar Library Pune. Dr.Panage emphasized on the changing  paradigm of libraries. He highlighted the multiple role which librarians need to play to serve their users amidst the changing technological and user expectation paradigm. He very well explained them importance of  research assistance skill and domain knowledge expertise needed by librarians and urge librarians to develop their skills to able to ‘work under pressure’ and carve a niche for themselves.He also talked about Virtual reference desk services and suggested a Real Roadmap for librarians in present context.

Dr.Rahul Deshmukh ,Librarian and convenor of the webinar proposed a formal vote of thanks.

The second day of the webinar started with the presidential address by secretary of SGRG Shinde Mahavidyalaya, Paranda, Osmanabad, Dr.Sanjay Nimbalkar. Dr.Nimbalkar appreciated the collaborative efforts taken by the three colleges in successful organizing this two days webinar and congratulated all participants of the webinar. Dr.Deepa Sawale,Principal of SGRG Shinde Mahavidyalaya, Paranda, Osmanabad in her address talked about the digital challenges and the role of librarians in the present situation. she emphasized that libraries plays and very important role in educational institutes and librarians are the key pillar in dissemination of knowledge. She urged all to adapt themselves to technological challenges and convert them into opportunities to consolidate the important role of libraries forever.

On the second Day ,Dr.Dharamraj Veer, Director, KRC, Dr.Babasaheb Marathwada University ,Aurangabad was the Key Note speaker. Dr.Veer is known for the drastic changes and development of BAMU, Knowledge Resource Centre. In his address he talked about the consistent improvisation needed by the LIs professionals in their delivery of service to the users. He focused that libraries role is far beyond collection development and it is of a service oriented centre. He asserted that with the help of technological tools,LIS professionals can ensure important status of libraries in HEI’s. He also talked about the importance of documentation in a broader perspective encompassing various areas wherein librarians can work and give services to their users especially in research

Dr.Sarika Sawant, Assistant Professor,SHPT School of Library Science,SNDt  Womens University ,Mumbai was the resource person on the second day.She talk on the topic “ SWOT Analysis of Libraries for becoming SMART”. She told about the importance of SWOT analysis with apt examples and emphasized about how the findings of SWOT analysis can be used effectively to improve the work efficiency of libraries.

Dr.Pooja Dadhe was the another resource person for the second day pof the webinar.Dr.Dadhe is Assistant Librarian,RTM Nagpur University.Dr.Dadhe talked on ‘Skill Sets for Smart Librarianship:.She explained how with a proper combination of Soft and Hard Skills,Librarians can develop themselves.She highlighted various skill sets which are essential in this paradigm shift phase for Libraries.

In the valedictory function of the webinar,Dr.Pratibha Taksande,Librarian,Priyadarshini Mahila Mahavidyalaya,Wardha was the chief Guest.Dr.Taksande expressed her concern about how libraries can outreach their services to the extreme end users and especially the students who are not technologically equipped to get access to resources of libraries.She appeal to the librarians that we have to be responsible and concerned about the main stakeholder of academic libraries-Students and work to empower them with knowledge resources in this paradigm shift scenario

The webinar concluded with Dr.Rahul Deshmukh expressing a formal vote of thanks.

This webinar was immensely successful with the support and encouragement by the management and principal of the three organizing Colleges namely R.S Mundle Dharampeth Arts and Commerce College,Kamla Nehru College and SGRG Shinde Mahavidyalaya,Paranda ,Osmanabad.All the technical support for this webinar was given by Mr.Chetan Taksale,Director of Softech solutions Pune.Dr.Chetan Taksale gave his technical support for all the two days of the webinar.The encouraging response of the participants was showcased in the 350 plus attendees in the live webinar in Zoom Platform  which was broadcasted live on facebook and youtube and got thousand views.

This National Webinar was a good example of Advanced technology applications in educational field and also the collaborative efforts to be taken sustain in the changing paradigm of ‘New Normal’

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