Our Vision

  • To facilitate the rays of knowledge and value-based education to the impregnable corners of the region.
  • To ensure that one's birth and social status are can never be impediments in acquiring knowledge and getting empowered.
  • Our vision is to lead our students through the portals of knowledge and getting empowered.
  • In a nutshell our vision is pristinely translated in Swami Vivekananda's observation that "Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man".

Our Mission

  • Our nearest belief is that students are the gifts we receive. Our mission is to mould them into academically polished, ideal citizens and committed achievers.
  • We take pride in our cultural ethos. Therefore, we are committed to take extra care and inculcate ethical values that uphold our time-honoured cultural values, ideals and principals that enable our students to hold their heads high and feel proud ' To be an Indian '.
  • Our mission is to empower students to be achievers and responsible, committed individuals with humane values, so that they can become assets to family, society, nation and the world at large.