Research and Development

Place of Higher Learning and Research Centre (R.T.M.Nagpur University approved)

Our college is a recognised Research centre for PhD in three subjects namely English ,Commerce and Sociology (20 intake capacity for each subject).

Minor and Major Research Project (MRP)

Our faculty members carry out various UGC funded research projects.

Research Publications

Our college has two research publications which are published annually.

  • PRADNYA SANKET : Pradnya Sanket is a International Multi-Disciplinary Research Journal published annually with ISSN Number- 2455-0469.

    Annual Multi-disiplinary Peer Review Research Journal invites original research papers in any of the topic or theme related to 'Good Governance' for 2016 Issue.

    Last Date of Submission of Paper:
    15th November 2016.

    Read Guidelines for Contributors

  • PRERNA : Prerna is a annual college magazine published every year with a specific theme.Students as well as faculty members of the college contribute to this Annual College Magazine.